Photo Notebook

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Some interesting motorcycles:

 Motorcycles come in such a great variety.  Some of my favorite motorcycles are shown below.  Enjoy!


Wild Bill Gelbke's Road Dog:

 The late 1960's BSA Lightening is one of the great looking motorcycles of all time!

The 2013 Honda CB1100 shown below is mildly customized and is such a great mix between old and new, stock and custom!

The late 1960's Honda CB750 is one of the great motorcycles of all time.  It is considered one of the most significant motorcycle of the 20th. century ushering in the modern motorcycle. Stylish, refined, and very reliable, this bike really was a game changer!

 Rollie Free on the worlds fastest Vincent.  Free began his career in Kansas City.  He broke 150mph.

Now that's a good looking classic!

My late father with his beloved 1931 Model A Pheaton:

Above is the BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler dating from the late 1950's to 1960.  gosh, I wonder where Honda got it's idea for the upswept exhaust pipes for it's scramblers?  Truly a beautiful bike though heavy! 

Below is a late 60's Matchless G 85 CS Scrambler.  They tried but were too late.  Heavy, underpowered, and hard to handle when compared to the new light weight 2 strokes of the day!  It was a beautiful machine however.